Musli Power Extra banned in kerala ??

Musli Power Extra is not banned. We are the Victim of cheap game of our competitors and Corporate’s in the medical field.

We are happy to introduce ourselves as a manufacture of Ayurvedic product “Musli Power X-tra”. A brief information about the company is given below for your reference.

1. Kunnath Pharmaceuticals was setup in July 2005 as a proprietary firm and obtained License from ASU Drug Controller from Govt. of Kerala, to manufacture and Market Musli Power X-tra. In order to ascertain the product’s safety and efficacy various studies were conducted such as, Toxicity Study by Amala Cancer Research Institute, Trichur, Metal Content Analysis at SGS India Private Limited, Kochi and Clinical / Field evaluation was done at different centers by Doctors. We are in the market since six years and Lakhs of people all over the country and abroad have used the product and derived the benefit of the product. To prove the point we have a number of testimonials appreciating the product and the benefit, the product has offered.

2. In 2007 a manufacturing unit was established at Muvattupuzha, Keeping WHO GMP standard to ensure the production of quality product consistently, the unit have costed around Rs.4 crores and keeping the International market and volume of sales a new unit is established near to the old unit as per FDA - USA & WHO GMP Standards at a cost of Rs. 10 crores.

3. To have a total control over the product and ensure quality of the product, an in house Ayush approved Analytical Laboratory was setup at a Cost of Rs 1.5 crores. The Lab is equipped with most modern equipments such a High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC), High Performance liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), UV-VIC Spectrophotometer and Flame Photometer. We have ISO 9001-2008 Certification and GMP Approval.

4. The product Musli Power Xtra is patented by Govt. of India as a “Health Restorative and to Treat Sexual Dysfunction” in Sept. 2006. A copy of the certificates is in this link for your reference.

5. The license issued to us was valid till 27.06.2010 and we have applied for renewal on 10.05.2010. Though the inspection and other formalities were completed on time, the Controller’s Office have not issued the renewed License even after several reminders till now.

6. We have also applied for subsidy from Ayush Department, New Delhi for establishing an Analytical Laboratory. The controller’s offices have not issued any approval / recommendation for getting the subsidy so far.

7. We are marketing this product through advertisement (Print, Electronic and Hoardings and other activities) to reach the potential customers. We have been restrained by the Drug Department not to Advertise, on the plea that we are violating the Magic Remedies Act 1954. In fact we have not claimed any cure in our Advertisements and we have given names of each ingredient in the product with their properties which are listed in the Ayurvedic Text Books.

8. It is true that we are manufacturing the product by name Musli Power X-tra at our premises. It is completely a herbal medicine which gives energy, vigour and vitality to persons who use the same. The product is a rare blend of 9 ayurvedic herbs and Patent has been issued by the Government of India as per the provisions of the Patent Act, 1970. The product is a health tonic and used as a health restorative. None of the provisions of Sections 3 or 4 of the Drugs & Magic Remedies (Objectionale Advertisement) Act, 1954 or the rules made thereunder attracts the Advertisement published by us.

9. Though the product is coming under Ayurvedic stream of medicine, Drug Inspectors of Modern Medicine wing do interfere and issue oral instruction to Retail Chemists not to Stock and sell Musli Power X-tra. This is creating a lot of confusion and fear in the mind of the Retail Chemists resulting in heavy loss in Sales. We are wondering why they are resorting to this when they have no jurisdiction in checking sales of Ayurveda product and we doubt that they are doing all this because of the prompting of vested interests namely Multinational companies.

10. As Musli Power X-tra got accepted very fast in the Indian market, many State Drug Control Department grew suspicions about the product and they took samples from company, Stockists and Retailers for analytical test. The report have revealed that the product do not contain any chemicals such as Sildenafil Citrate or Tadalafil or Synthetic Steroids. Such tests are conducted by Govt. analytical laboratories of Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

11. Musli Power Extra Banned by extra ordinary Gazette notification on 01st April 2011.

On 02nd April 2011 by around 9.30 PM in the night, I was informed by the media (TV / Press / Channel) that Government of Kerala had issued Ban order. I was surprised to hear the news as Govt. Authorities / Drug Control Department had not given me any notice regarding the Ban order of the product. Soon the Channels carried the news and on 03rd April 2011 all the News Papers also carried the Ban order. Though I made attempt to stop / delay the news, I was told that they have pressure from top Authorities and they have to oblige.

The Banned order of Musli Power Extra was published in the Gazette and it appeared in the website of Kerala Government.

The most interesting fact is that the notification is signed by the Health Secretary on 01st April 2011 without having any recommendation of the ASU Drug controller and the time selected to release the order. From this it is quite obvious that this is done to malign my name and product brand. Moreover, we would like to bring your notice that the State Government have no authority to Ban the product under Section 33EEC of the Drugs and Cosmetics, 1940 ( Act No.23 of 1940) and as a normal practice explanation is sought from the Manufacturer why the product should not be banned before the issuance of the Ban order.

On getting the copy of the Gazette notification on 06th April I have moved the High Court and got a Stay Order. The order is still maintained as the concerned Government Officials has not filed their response to the Stay order.

Due to this Ban of musli power extra we have incurred heavy financial losses and brand image which we have built over these years. The sales have come down drastically which has to led to major financial crisis.

The ban on “Musli Power X-tra’ has been removed by High Court Of Kerala:

The Ban Order of Government of Kerala has been quashed by the High Court Of Kerala through a judgment on 27th June 2011 by a two member Division bunch headed by Justice A.K. Basheer and Justice P.Q. Barkath Ali. Through this judgment Kunnath Pharmaceuticals got permission to freely Manufacture and Sell Musli Power X-tra. This judgment was on the petition filed by Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Saying that Ban Notification is ex facie invalid and illegal, and also says the said notification has been issued without any sanction or authority of law in as much as the State Government dose not have any power to issue such a notification under Section 33 EEC of Drug and Cosmetics Act 1940, particularly to prohibit the manufacture and sale of the drug for which he has been granted a license as provided under the Act and the Rules.

And the judgment also saying that "the manufacturer was not given any opportunity at all to be heard before the said notification was issued".

Through the banned order, there will serious concern about the Musli Power X-tra among the public, which has to be cleared towards that the the High Court has directed the Government to direct the designated agency to send the Musli Power X-tra for Analysis/ test to the Central Drug Laboratory, Ghaziabad, within three month from the date of receipt of the copy of judgment.

The management of Kunnath Pharmaceuticals also thank all the fellow Customers for the support given by them during this crisis time, and musli power extra is all Packs (90's, 60's, 30's) on the occasion of entry to the 7th year, and this offer is Limited to 7 Lakh Pack's