long time sex capsules
long time sex capsules
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November 1, 2019

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In Ayurveda, there are three possible causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Anatomical
  • Psychological
  • Mental

 These three levels are interdependent and therefore are usually complex in sexual cases.
Physical causes for this can include penis or prostate diseases or various sexual diseases that include problems with the liver, heart and blood vessels or hardening of the penis is due to blood flow, hormones or spinal disorders, stroke, cancers, and the list goes on.
Physical diseases are usually caused by problems with digestion and metabolism. The use of alcohol or various drugs such as antidepressants, smoking should be added here.

At the emotional level, the reasons include high stress, especially in today’s tense times: financial problems, job insecurity, or mental overload with many and responsible tasks, too much commitment to career development, and so on. Also, it may be the low self-esteem of the man and the fear of “failure” or depressive states if sex attempts have not proceeded as the way it has to be. The cause may also be due to poor communication between partners.

All of this, of course, is also related to the way of thinking that can block sexual impulses and desires. Ayurveda associates erectile dysfunction with dysfunction of Vata dosha – the energy of movement that controls nerve impulses, muscle functions, blood circulation, and other functions in the body. 

How does Ayurveda treat erectile dysfunction ?

Treatments can be related to various organs and systems in the body. So, when considering  Ayurveda‘s methods, many ayurvedic sex power capsules can be considered a solution for this. Sex power capsules are always an all-time solution for people facing sexual issues. Musli power has already introduced many long-time sex capsules which are helping people overcome such issues. Musli power has many years of experience in this field which has led to a full study of diseases (both in men and women) that lead to disturbances in sexuality, respectively reproduction, and many effective means and treatments have been found.

Ayurvedic medicine for sex has been considered by the people as it has no history of side effects.

According to Ayurveda, good reproductive health (or full sexual activity in both men and women) affects the energy levels in the human body. It is connected with nervous tissue, while sexual energy can trigger the human body, influencing positively the mental and spiritual activity.
Thus, when talking about the causes of erectile dysfunction and other similar reproductive problems, Ayurveda focuses on the physical, spiritual and mental beginnings.