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features of muslipower xtra
  • Solves the erectile problems
  • Increases the volume of ejaculation
  • Faster recovery for second orgasm
  • Improves the semen quality.
  • Controls the premature ejaculation
  • Improves the general wellbeing and vitality
  • Prolong your performance
  • Increases frequency of orgasm
  • Equally good for male and female
  • Increases sperm count substantially
  • Suggested to use only for 45 days (dosage: 2 capsules per day)*
  • Starts to work in 3 to 4 days.
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Musli Power xtra is formulated from safed musli, widely known as Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac.

Musli Power Eve
Musli Power Eve – Useful in General Debility & Lethargy

Amount : Rs. 1800

An ayurvedic formulation which has 10 selected exotic herbal extracts.

The specific advantages are rejuvenation, good stimulation, protection of cardiovascular health, improved blood circulation, as powerful anti-oxidant, slows down the process of ageing, acts as a galatogegue, controls hair fal and gynecological problems like menorrhogia, lucorrhoea, female infertility, provide cooling effect to the whole body, a remedy for hot flash in menopause and powerful immune modulator.

How Musli Power Eve useful to you
* Musli Power Eve increase strength and stamina

* Improve general well being and vitality

* Good for adult women of any age and condition

* Protect cardiovascular health

* Reduce the process of ageing

* Work as a stimulant and energy booster

* Musli Power Eve remove old age fatigue

* Help to control Blood Sugar and related weakness

* Control menorrahagia

* Increase the breast milk in lactating mother

* No side effect
How Musli Power Eve Works
* Appreciable changes are noticed within a week’s time once the course is started.

* The course is for a period of 45 days and the following changes are observed.

* Increased energy.

* Tensions get relieved.

* Disappearance of tiredness/fatigue

* Musli Power Eve Improves blood circulation

* Feels cooling effect on whole body.

* Muscles get relaxed.

* Metabolizes fat deposit
Dose & Course : 2 Capsules daily after food to be taken as a single dose or in divided doses either with warm milk or water.

Duration of treatment : It is a course for 45 days. One can use for any length of time after the initial course of 45 days as per requirement.

Side effect : Not Noticed

Precaution : Nil

Drug Interactions : No drug interaction noticed, hence can be taken with other medications.

Presentation : Bottle of 90’s Capsule Pack

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